Monday, October 20, 2014

It is clear that the world of medicine is changing. The ancient ways of healing and preventing disease are coming back to life and the emphasis on “eating right” has become a trend. What you put in your body actually means something in terms of your overall physical and mental well-being. Western Medical doctors are being out-smarted by herbalists, nutritionist and integrative medicine practitioners in terms of preventive and recovery health care. It is clear that when we eat well, according to our body type we feel the best. So why is it that so often when we are trying to nourish ourselves with the right foods we still don’t feel “right”? With so much emphasis on diet and nutrition we often times forget the action, the actual process of eating and digestion. It is not enough that we just change our diet, we must also change the way we eat.

Some questions to ask yourself:

    Am I sitting in a quiet still place while eating?
    Do I take the time before and after a meal to sit for a few minutes?
    Am I chewing my food?
    Am I enjoying my food? Does it feel good in my body?
    When I eat, am I surrounded by good company and no stress?

These 5 things go hand in hand with our diet. We call it “the yoga of eating” or “food Sadhana”. Yoga means to Yoke, to bring together the practices on the mat right into our lives. Digestion is best served when you are aware of its process and therefore, food is best digested when we consciously eat.

Try these 5 things for 1 week and discover the magic that unfolds. You will be delighted in the results. Even if they are subtle, for some it may take a few months and for others a few days. Give yourself this gift, we are not here to live this life in pain; we are here to be happy and serve. A healthy, balanced digestion leads to a happy clear mind and an attitude of gratitude.

From my heart to yours,

Many blessings

Hari Simran Khalsa, CAS PKS

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