Wednesday, July 17, 2013


There is a part of you that is conscious of more than what you perceive via your senses. We'll call it your higher self. This "you" is not defined by your physical body, nor does it consist of your thoughts and beliefs. Although everything in the universe is connected and at some point in one's journey it can be beneficial to ponder the concepts of "one" and "universal consciousness," this higher awareness to which I refer comprises a discrete aspect of your individual personality.

Have you ever wondered, what's the benefit of karma if it manifests itself across many different lifetimes? What is the point of causal relationship if we cannot perceive the effects? For example, if a child suffering from abuse at the hands of his parents is actually Hitler reincarnated, what does the child gain from all this? Does the entity that used to be Hitler have any awareness that it's now a child, receiving just punishment for killing millions of Jews?

The answer lies in the way we're conditioned to define ourselves. "Who am I?" is a question asked by seekers probably since humans began to seek. Do you know who you are?

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