Monday, July 1, 2013


Bought some crystals in Long Beach last week from the knowledgable folks at They had quite an impressive collection of specimens. It's not often I find stones I haven't heard of before and they had an opaque white stone streaked with translucent crystal that I was drawn to: scolecite.

One of the primary metaphysical properties of scolecite is that it “can gently enhance meditative and dream states.” I put it on my nightstand and had some interesting results right away. The most vivid was a dream about Burning Man, which I have never attended (at least not in this dimension, haha). In the dream there were a bunch of people dancing in the beds of art trucks, and they were all dressed in white and pistachio green. I was running around in the dream feeling like one would expect to feel at Burning Man, as if you'd found a whole other planet full of people who think just like you.

The key to understanding to any dream is to pinpoint the emotion(s) you felt in it. All my “scolecite-enhanced” dreams have been positive emotionally. Even my recurring apocalypse dreams feel different - more hopeful, if that's possible. I am not attributing that solely to the scolecite as I've also been doing a ton more exercise and yoga than usual, but the crystals seem to be helping, in the subtle ways in which crystals work.

Remember the amazing ice castle that Superman took Lois Lane to in “Superman 2”? Where he had to make a choice between having sex with her or losing his powers? (Probably the most underrated misogynistic plot twist in movie history.) That's what untumbled scolecite looks like.


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